Kemie Industries

Kemie Industries is actively involved in the manufacturing of wax and wax emulsion. Our products like Carnauba Wax Emulsion, Wholesale Paraffin Wax, Natural Emulsifying Wax and Gel Wax are appreciated for their acme quality.

Gel Wax

These mineral oil based Gel Wax are prepared from mineral oil by addition of special thickening compound into a clear, odorless, slow burning "wax". It has a unique property of transparency, low viscosity, excellent hardness and insolubility in water.

  • Regular Gel Wax
  • Hard Gel Wax

Uses : Gel Wax is used in candle making. Gel Wax is most popular in Candle Industry because this product is suitable for clear candles with medium- to high-fragrance loads. It is used in Candles for different types of varieties like Votive, Filler Candles, Floating Candles