Kemie Industries

Kemie Industries is actively involved in the manufacturing of wax and wax emulsion. Our products like Carnauba Wax Emulsion, Wholesale Paraffin Wax, Natural Emulsifying Wax and Gel Wax are appreciated for their acme quality.

Emulsifying Wax

Emulsifying wax is by itself an emulsifying agent as it disperses in hot water. On cooling this dispersion thickens or gel. Emulsions made with this wax are more stable to weak acids such as Boric, Carbolic and Salicylic. Water Emulsifying Wax is also more stable to mild oxidizing and reducing agents then soap. Producing natural, non-irritant odorless cream emulsion with smooth appearance and very high stability and very good shelf life, this Natural Emulsifying Wax is high in demand. Emulsifying wax available in two grade ionic or anionic and Nonionic. Anionic grade is suitable mostly in water in oil type emulsion whereas Nonionic grade suitable mostly in oil in water type emulsion. We are counted as one of the distinguished Emulsifying Wax Manufacturers in India.